October 21, 2013

These are difficult times..........but there is always hope

So, when you are a Curacao or Bonaire based entrepreneur currently being serviced by a "Big Four" firm with respect to bookkeeping/accountancy and fiscal advice; How about we can save like 60 percent on those costs. You do not believe me? Call me and we will make you the proverbial offer you just cannot refuse.

Your truly,

Peter Muller
Muller & Associates
Curacao                                                                       Bonaire
Schouwburgweg 3                                                  Bonaire Mall
Curacao, Dutch Carribean                                    Kaya Grandi/Main street 24 - unit 37
www.mullertax.com                                              Caribbean Netherlands
Tel.:     +599 9 737 4916                                          P.O. Box 191
Fax:     +599 9 737 4903                                          

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