November 16, 2019

Introduction to our offices

Muller & Associates has been active in Curacao and On Bonaire since 2001.

We are a tax advisory firm that wants to assist you in all aspects of tax law in Curacao and the BES islands.

We handle your income tax returns. Help you and your bookkeeper or accountant prepare the financial statements and take care of the profit tax returns. In the event of death or donations, we will take care of your inheritance tax returns.

In addition, we can advise you on decreasing your tax burden in a totally legal way.

Furthermore, a specialization of our office to engage with the tax authorities in conflict situations. We supervise book investigations, write objections and conduct legal proceedings in the courts in first and second instance.

The founder of our office is Peter Muller (1964). Peter holds a masters in tax law from the University of Groningen and has been living on Curacao since 1995.

In addition to his work as a tax adviser/tax lawyer, Peter has been a teacher, editor of the Caribisch Juristenblad since 1997 and a member of the Curacao Lions since 2004.

Peter regularly publishes articles on tax law and related topics

Muller & Associates is located in a beautiful building at Schouwburgweg number 3 where we would be happy to receive you.

Muller & Associates endeavors to carry out its work at fixed rates as much as possible. This prevents misunderstandings, which means that you know in advance  what our services will cost you.

An intake interview with a maximum of half an hour is free of charge

Interested: Call Peter on 7374916 or email to

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