May 18, 2016

When you come to a fork in the road take it

A famous quote from the famous Yogi Berra. Yogi Berra was as famous a baseball player in the US as he was famous for his linguistic flexibilities. What Johan Cruyff was for and did to the Dutch language is comparable to Mr. Berra's achievements towards the English (or should I say American?) language. I miss Johan Cruyff dearly by the way. It is like losing a good friend who has been there all your life. But I am drifting away from the subject. I came across a fork in the road from a business perspective. I have a new client who needs all hands on deck to achieve his ambitious goals. What do you do? On Curacao that is simple. You go to the Business Guru. Who is he you will want to ask. I am not going to tell you. The business Guru is like the secret word; only divulged to those who already know it (know him).

What are is his qualities? Is he highly educated? His education is probably so low that it is not even worth mentioning. He has two highly educated brothers but when the Guru speaks they listen. Is he a nice guy? Oh yes and he was a smooth womanizer before he started a family. How do you know him. Well let's not go there but imagine the police was involved when he was held in custody for antagonizing Curacao ladies on the floating bridge during a (thank you) not very well documented bachelor's party back in the day. Those who attended that party and are still live to tell will know who the Guru is.

Me being at the crossroads I called the Guru and told him that his advice was precedent to further business decisions. What does the Guru say? Does he say my son I have no time speak to my underlings. No not at all. In his wisdom the Guru says let's have a beer at a pleasant place so we discuss your pro and cons.

And so we did and no we can all move on with our business initiatives.

This story was based on true events and brought to you by..............

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