May 14, 2016

The environment

During a meeting of the Curacao Lions (I am a proud member for over 10 years) a presentation was given on a new project on Curacao. The idea behind the project is that the world has to rapidly steer away from the use of fossile energy. The entrepreneurs behind the project all have a fantastic track record. One of them is a high energy serial entrepreneur and visionary extraordinaire.They also understand the urgency for the change needed and they feel Curacao could be a model for that change. Curacao being a small island country could in their opinion be simply become self sufficient for their energy needs and also for food production thus becoming an example for the world. Our much debated electrical company -Aqualectra- already realizes 20 percent of its production from wind energy which makes it a Caribbean front runner. As always with Curacao we are not good in promoting where we make a difference so I am glad I can share this with you all.

Today I was in meeting with parties discussing strategies on how to reach agreement on how to get where we all want to go. After that meeting I stayed on to talk to one of the developers. A man in his early sixties, former architect and teacher who now travels the world to develop in an eco friendly manner.

He had some startling information to share; e.g, he told me of a projected development on a very small privately owned Caribbean island. He declined to become the developer as he knows that because of the climate change this island will in an odd 20 year or so hardly exist anymore.

I try to act in an environmentally sound way in most of my actions but this showed me once again that first of all you can learn so much by just listening -be it to the right people- and secondly that our world and our way of living will change -if we want to or not- much faster than we all realize.

I am proud that we can assist these fantastic people in achieving their goals that have now become my goals as well. We have only one world and we should all realize that.

Will keep you posted on this amazing project. if everything goes according to plan we will change Curacao and make it an example on how to keep our lifestyle but then sustainable.

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