June 06, 2019


Today is a special day as we celebrate D-Day. 75 years ago the allied forces stormed the five designated beaches in Normandy thus commencing the liberation of Europe from German occupation. I just saw on the BBC that veterans of that mementos day are still around us.
35 years ago I had just finished school and before going tot University to become a tax lawyer I was hired by a UK company to represent them in Meursault in the Burgundy in France. Meursault's nickname is the capital of the white wines. Meursault was also the place where a Louis de Funes movie was partly filmed many years ago.
During my two month stint in the Burgundy I actually met a lot of British veterans who had 40 years earlier stormed those Normandy beaches. These were very courteous men who were not interested in discussing their mind shattering experiences. They left it at just mentioning that they had participated.
In hindsight these were very special encounters and should not be left unmentioned. Being 19 of age at that time I do not think that at time I realized how privileged I was meeting those men.
25 years later on that same June 6th my baby sister was born. An other reason for celebrating that day.

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